Middle Georgia Medical Society, Inc

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·         Founded in Macon, Georgia in 1893 as the Macon Academy of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy.


·         Produced a National Medical Association [NMA] President, R. Stillman Smith, in 1958.


·         The Macon Academy of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy reorganized as the Middle Georgia

Medical Society [MGMS] on September 9, 1993.  George Johnston, Jr., M.D. elected President.


·         MGMS inducted as a component society of the Georgia State Medical Association [GSMA] on

November 14, 1993.


·         MGMS applied for membership as a component society of the NMA on November 15, 1993.


·         MGMS incorporated on November 23, 1994 in the state of Georgia.


·         The Middle Georgia Medical Society officially approved as a component society of the

National Medical Association [NMA] on April 30, 1995.  


·         MGMS obtained its 501 © (6) tax-exempt status on June 29, 1995, Tax ID # 58-2163008.


·         MGMS had 53 paid members at the local level for 2000.


·         MGMS received the NMA Local Society of the Year, Small Society Award in 2000 at the NMA

Annual Convention in Washington, D.C. for its efforts in 1999 under the leadership of MGMS

President Warren S. Hutchings, M.D.


·         Warren S. Hutchings, M.D., founder and CEO of the MGMS, served as

the MGMS Vice President from 1993-1996, and its President from 1997- 2000.


·         MGMS Member Joseph K.M. Butler, M.D. appointed to the Georgia Composite State Board of Medical Examiners, which license physicians in Georgia, on April 2, 1998.


·         MGMS members Warren S. Hutchings, M.D. and George A. Johnston, Jr., M.D. elected to serve on the GSMA Board for 1999-present.  Theopholieus Worrell, M.D. is also a GSMA Board Member.